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Pagbabagong anyo ng USM sa nagdaang mga taon

Ang ibang eksena ay kathang isip lamang. Patnubay ng mga nakakatanda ay kailangan.

The present CED building

Used to be the CA building, a two-storey wood structure infront of the gym. Nasunog yan. Pero pinatayo ulit and the present occupant is the College of Education. Of course, nagpagawa man ng bagong building ang CA dun papunta sa USMARC kaya nilipat na ang CA formally dun.

HRM building (G Building)
The present HRM dept building was originally the Gen Ed bldg (or G Building). The General Education Dept is the precursor of CAS. If you have no clue kung saan ang building na ito, ito yung building na may malaking "MIT" sa facade. It was then occupied by CED as its main building along with cocofed building (let's talk about it later). Pero nasunog ang building na ito and was rebuilt to host the HRM program of CHEFS. At least, they still preserve the MIT facade.

CBDEM (Old Admin)

The present CBDEM building also had several tenants before. It was the old administration building before. See the small room on the right of the main hall. They say it houses the registrar's office (or was it the cashier?). Just imagine that there are tellers on those windows. Then it was occupied by the University Laboratory School. Maybe you wonder why so any buildings were occupied by ULS before. Because ULS population was as numerous as that of the college. When the Institute of Development Economics and Management (IDEM) was founded, it occupied this building. It now stands as the building for the College of Business, Development Economics and Management (CBDEM)

The present hostel (cocofed dorm)
The present hostel was originally a dormitory for the cocofed scholars. Sabi ng mga profs ko, ang gaganda daw ng mga occupants dyan noon. Chavacana mestizas! presumably dyan din cguro nag-evolve ang kaharap na casa (na bfar na ngayon). When cocofed phased out, it was occupied by CED as its annex building along with the Gen Ed (MIT) building. Nang lumipat na ang CED sa bago nitong building ngayon naging hostel na ito.

where art thou S-9?

Ang S-9 ay isang famous auditorium type classroom na attached sa isang building. Kung mahilig kayong manood ng movies ng mga profs na andun siya sa baba at ang mga estudyante ay nasa taas around him (parang amphitheater), yan ang setup ng S-9. Student political activities were sometimes held here. Theater plays also. Di ako sigurado kung sino ang first occupant sa building na ito pero IVM ang nadatnan ko. Pero sa kasamaang palad nasunog din ito. When it was rebuilt it was again occupied by what is now the CVM. The S-9 was replaced as the AVR of vetmed. Oh by the way, the famous batchoy ni nang naty is located at the back of S-9.

The new VetMed Hospital
The present VetMed hospital is a two building complex constructed by the Agricultural Technology Education Project before. When ATEP closed, one building was occupied by the "multimedia" people from CAS DevCom and Languages for production/printing press of lab manuals.
The other building (ATEP-Packaging unit) was first occupied by College of Engg as its accreditation center. The Civil Engineering then occupied it as its informatics laboratory setting up computers for CAD and other modelling stuffs. At that time, the computer science courses are taught by the GE Dept (AE and CE profs). When, BSCS was offered it became computing dept faculty office. And it is now the vet hospital.

HE Bldg
the CA-annex now was the HE bldg of ULS before. Kaya do not wonder why tricycle drivers still call it HE.

DD Clemente Hall

The DD Clemente Hall was formerly referred to as NA building, short for New Administration Building. Others called it "Not Accomplished" building because it was used even if it was not yet finished. Now it is one of the prime conference centers in USM.

USMARC was fondly called barrio 75 before where classwork was both hard and fun. But mind you, this is the reason why USM alumni excel in their respective jobs because employers appreciate their being workaholics!

USM Guest House and the environs
That is the mansion on the road going to Aringay. Sa likod niyan merong flat for french scholars. As in french na puti! They stayed for a while studying rubber. Of course the rest are the cottages of our teachers, their sons, apos, and hopefully great grandchildren.

The Presidential Cottage
Unverified, but somebody told me that at least four expat (peace corps volunteer used to stay there). The first faculty of our profs were actually americans (both north and south latino) americans. Heard of Smith of CTI (CIT now)? Yeah you are right, blacksmith.

BFAR compound once hosts the CASA hangout of USM studes. Casa stands for Casagingan where banana-based food were sold. Literally drum drum ang niluluto dito araw araw. Ngayon ang saging naging isda.

OSA building
The present OSA building was actually the former post and telegraphic office. OSA has its own exodus transferring from one place to another. It used to occupy the first floor of ULRC. Then it transferred to the side of the USG building. Then it transferred to DD Clemente Hall. Then the bazaar (I think they called this as Kadiwa coop before) near the amphi.

The library holdings was once stocked in the ULS building. I like to stay there and read newspapers. Medyo adik ako sa newspaper when I was a student that is why I like the circulation section. That petite lady there was very accommodating probably because we are the only ones visiting her lonely place. Then late 1990s the library building was completed and thus the ULRC has a new home. But only the second floor was occupied. OSA was housed on the first floor until early 2000.

The Regional Science Teaching Center (RSTC) has become the nucleus of the College of Nursing and now the College of Health Sciences.

UCB stands for the University College Building. It currently houses the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). By the way, don't ask the tricycle driver to send you off to UCB 111. He definitely cannot take you there.

Magsaysay Monument
Old folks said monument of Ramon was haunted. There are tales of his bust riding behind bikes of the student guards (sometimes white ladies too!!!).

Is the main portal of USM. Famous for being an assembly point for field trips. Palagi kang makarinig ng “We will depart from welcome by 4.30 am”.

Venue for important university events. Constructed by hands of the pioneer students, faculty, and staff. One of the icons of USM architecture. Students used to watch friday night movies on a big telon. Well, of course, no one can tell what happen behind the walls along the river.

Yan pa lang so far…Pasensiya na iti taglish ko mga brrader..

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